Monday, December 17, 2012

Week 4

Handwritten letter home.  No email that week.

Dear Family,

Hurray!  Lucky, you, you're getting on main letter as a family.  Things here at the MTC are awesome.  We just received a new shipment of Boboci and they are turning out to be all right.

Thank you so much for the package.  It was heaven sent.  That's so cool that Secondborn and Thirdborn got ordained at the same time.  That is so cool that they will be able to administer the sacrament. 

Happy birthday, Secondborn!  I know its late, but life here is crazy and we can't write letters til P-day.  

Hey, Love Magnet, why do you think I forgot your name?  All my sisters think that you are so cute and they love how you are in hip hop class.  

Thirdborn, it is awesome that you had the chance to watch baptisms.  Now that you can go to the temple, you should go as much as you can.

Secondborn, don't worry so much about memorizing the prayers as much as thinking about what you are saying, the meaning, and how you feel when you say them.

Dad, I just want to thank you for being such a good example to us as a family and for all that you have sacrificed.  I love you so much and I always refer back to you in some way everyday.  Thank you for being my hero.

Mom, I love you.  I would refer to myself as a teenage punk.  I still refer to myself as a teenage punk, only with a little wisdom.  I am grateful for your love and support for me over my life.  I am grateful to both you and Dad for being examples to me.  . Secondborn, Thirdborn, and Love Magnet you are all so blessed to have such awesome parents.  Eat as much of the food as you can.  Hang out together as much as you can and just enjoy each other's company.


Elder Ormsby

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